Our Bootmaking School
It's Evolution and Goals  

My specific and efficient methods for production are
many years in evolution, as these same skills were
taught to employees of each past production line in the
United States and in Europe.

It is true; we could easily put a Course together for
DVD or Print Tutorials.  This method of teaching is
available by several others.  
However, in addition to teaching the skills necessary to
make strong, stylish footwear, we also teach the
practical application of these skills.  
Instruction is for anyone, as well as for fashion or shoe
professionals, looking for specialized solutions.
For anyone, the best way to demonstrate exactly how one can take these skills and
make a living, is to DO it and let them come see, and literally work an assembly line
(similar to their own), as they learn.  Our Students discover every aspect of footwear
production, as well as a turn-key “outline” for slipping right into their own business –
first possible with the minimum of machines, and later to expand and invest profit into
machines that enhance production capabilities.   

Students feel the sensation of steps in preparation.  They manipulate industrial
stitching machines and feel the rhythm of production, as they see multiple products
grow from their hands.  
How To Make Boots From Your Garage© is a place where
Students can see the endless potential for their creativity.  It is also a place where I,
as aTeacher, can see firsthand that I and my methods are being fully understood.

We wish to de-mystify the process of how the “twinkling of a shoe idea“ travels from
the mind of the Designer to the store shelf.  Like watching the Boulanger, as he makes
the delicious bread.

Our school is a complete adaption of what I teach.  
Deliberately small, between classes, it is a producing Factory.  No other shoe factory
has such public access.  
Our Students can realize a return on their tuition and set-up investment after a few
weeks of finding their stride.  They are never alone after graduation.

Our School,
How To Make Boots From Your Garage©,offers genuine self-business
skills, along with a viable trade that will always be useful to the public, and one that
can be taught to any young person – as an art form or a career.