Due to the popularity of our classes at How to make
boots from your "garage"©, studio space is often
full. We need your cooperation in maintaining a
smooth operating workspace for everyone. To do
this properly, the following guidelines must be
adhered to:
Attendance Policy

How to make boots from your "garage"© carefully
maintains attendance records. It is very important
for students to complete their class work within the
time specified in the course description.

Nonattendance Day

A nonattendance day is when the student
communicates either by phone or email 24 hours in
advance (not 12 hours or 16 hours), that he/she will
not be attending a scheduled class. Nonattendance
days must be made up within the same month of the
missed day.

Nonattendance days are allocated as follows:

15 or 25 Hour Course – 1 nonattendance day
      38 Hour Course – 2 nonattendance days
      51 Hour Course – 3 nonattendance days
74 or 85 Hour Course – 4 nonattendance days
   120 Hour Course – 5 nonattendance days

Students are responsible for rescheduling their
nonattendance days in a timely manner. If additional
time off is needed this time must be pre-approved
by the school administrator otherwise can result in
probation or dismissal.

Absences & Tardiness

Absences are considered a day when a student does
not notify the school within 24 hours in advance (not
12 hours or 16 hours).

Tardiness is arriving more than 15 minutes late for a
scheduled class.

Absences and tardiness will NOT be tolerated in
either the short or long programs. Punctuality is
absolutely required for class structure to be
maintained. Excessive tardiness and absences may
result in dismissal from the school.


Misconduct, unsatisfactory work progress, or poor
attendance are grounds for termination from the
how to make boots from your garage'© School.
Misconduct is considered any behavior that
interferes with the learning process in the class.
Conduct considered unacceptable: using or
possessing intoxicants or illegal drugs on school
premises; possessing weapons; theft; disruptive
behavior or refusal to follow instructors' or
administrative directions.
You may also be expelled from the school if you fail
to understand and comply with all studio guidelines.

General Rules

1.Always tie hair back while working or using the
sanding machine.

2.Mark your own tools to avoid loss and confusion.

3.Return school tools to proper place when you have
finished using
them. All books, tools, materials and school property
must remain in the school at all times. Any misplaced,
broken or damaged property of the studio are the
full responsibility of the student for replacement or
payment of the item or tool.

Payments Schedules

Students enrolled  must pay for their course in full
before or during their first day of class.

Students enrolled in the intensive  hours are allowed
to pay for their program in three equal installments.
The initial deposit is due before or during the first
day of class.

All deposits and payments are finale and
nonrefundable. All sales are finale. All orders are

Cancellation Policy

Any student expelled from the school, due to
excessive absences, tardiness or misconduct will not
be eligible for a refund.

No refunds will be granted to any student enrolled
in either the short programs or long intensives. If a
student withdraws from the program, the student
nonetheless shall remain liable for the full amount of
the course contract.

How to make boots from your garage'© School has a
stringent cancellation policy, as space is limited.

Condition of the Studio Rental:

_ Students are responsible for the smooth,
industrious function of the studio.
_ Students make use of the Studio and all machines
and are expected to leave areas and equipment in
good and clean condition.
_ Materials or Tools are
NOT supplied and are the
responsibility of the Student.
_ The Studio time allotment for each month is
NEITHER cumulative nor transferable to the next
month and can NOT be share with other person(s).
_The contract begins on the day of payment. If the
date of use is different, this must be specified at
the time payment is made.
_ The Rental Agreement for the YEARLY Contract
ONLY, and can ONCE be put on hold, for no more
than 3 consecutive months.
_ A Student is required to submit his/her desired
schedule to the Studio - at least one week in advance
- in order to synchronize all Users efficiently.
_For any Cancellation and/or Reschedule to be
accepted, a Student will need to advise the Studio
48 Hours in advance of the day to be canceled.
_ All Student should be 18 years or older to use the
Studio. Minors are not allowed in any circumstances
for Insurance reason.
_ All Student should be approved by Olivier Rabbath
in order to rent and access the Studio. no exception.
_ Student are not allowed to sublet, rent or
perform any business on their own using this rental
Studio. The Studio is here to help individual to
practice their skill, and prepare their first collection.
_Student can not use the Studio over 3 hours
straight without special arrangement.