SERVICE: C.  Get your Custom Boots/Shoes Handmade
(For : Performance / Dance classic, jazz, Flamenco and exotic, Motorcycle,
Military/Security, Equestrian)      

From $450 and up. Each work priced separately
Material included.    Takes four to six weeks for delivery.
We offer 2 Services:

Service #1 : Order an existing model.  These are hand-crafted,  ordered
according to your specific needs (high instep, width of the feet, etc.).
This is not an orthopedic service for shoes or boots, but footwear that
follows a careful measurement of your feet.  It is not recognized as a
medical footwear, and doesn't claim to replace the knowledge or the
techniques of the orthopedic profession.
            click here to see pictures of one example.

Service #2 : This service offers specific adjustments, or additional
characteristics in order to answer some demand related to your
professional activity, such as:
Character or Period Shoes for Stage or Performance Art; Shoes for
Flamenco, Ballet or Jazz Dance; Exotic or Traditional Dance; Security or
Motorcycle Boots - even Equestrian Boots.

SERVICE: E- Manufacture your Prototype.
From $900 and up. Each work priced separately    
Up to 6 months for delivery.

We offer anyone, most specifically Fashion Designers, a complete service
for the designer to create, from scratch, a complete line of footwear.
We can start by creating your last, in accordance with your line of clothing,
already existing or already designed, then develop different families of
patterns from this last or chose any Last available. Finally,
student/designer will manufacture one or an abundance of prototypes for
future seasons, with their patterns and gradations, ready to be sent to the
manufacturer of dies.  Learning the process and equipment will help you
efficiently subcontract to factories for mass production.

For a more complete service on this matter, please visit our website:


SERVICE SKYPE:  Skype classes are made for the one who cannot come
to my studio and live fare from New York.
How it works? Quiet simple.   
1- You have first of all, my book “ how to make boots from Your
garage, volume 1
”. This book shows you step by step how to do from
scratch a pair of cowboy boots.
Over 150 pictures show u exactly every step, which allow you to get
familiar with the process
BEFORE taking the class.  The steps you can find
in the book are identical to the steps we’ll go through together on Skype.  
2- Then you have two types of Kit:  ·        
The Equipment Kit : It included everything you needed excepted the
sanding machine and the stitching machine, but even can be supplied by us
if required. (any small bench sanding machine will work just fine! Cost $100
home depot) ·        
The Material Kit: It included all your material needed for your project .
·        The Kits will be customized to your specific project, like the
equipment Kit as well.  
After receiving your two Kits, and after studying your book, you’ll be able
to start your class over Skype! Every class is no more than
1 hour, and the
hours are all week from:
Monday to Thursday from 2 pm to 9 pm east   
Cost of the
class is:              $690 for 15 hours,  good for 4 months.
Cost of the
Equipment Kit:    $200 average (it vary from project to
Cost of the
Material Kit:      $120 + leather (from $60 to hundreds if you
use expensive exotic leather).
Cost of the Book:                   
Now there is no more excuses to not start to learn this new and
beautiful skill!!!!! Sign up for your new experience!!!!