My name is Olivier Rabbath and I am here to share my
knowledge and experience designing, producing and
selling high-quality boots and shoes. Earlier shoes and
fashion lines sold in most major world markets, and I’ve
run production lines in two countries.

I am happy to make a pair of shoes just for you.  
More fun, would be if you decide to make your own pair
of boots or shoes – with professional direction, of

Most exciting, will be those who make themselves a pair
of boots, get a little “hooked”, and then choose to learn
How to Make a Living Making Boots.  Working with
leather, and seeing a product grow each day – for me –
is a joy.  At first you follow patterns but soon you see
that there is no limit to your creative output.  

The fact is, it is possible (once your skill level is up) to
make up to 100 pair of boots a month, in a space no
bigger than a 2-car garage.  The truth is that a focused,
hardworking individual can make a good, steady living
producing and selling footwear & accessories.  
Let me show you how.

I am also ready to share dozens of “Tricks o’ the
Trade”, gadgets, racks, and other “Workshop
Accessories” designed to make handling and storage of
materials and tools easy and efficient.

Please take a look around.  We are in a stage of
evolution, so if some pages are still under construction,
please return.  If you have questions, please contact me
by email and I will answer, or we can arrange a
conversation by phone.

Again –

Olivier Rabbath, Founder
How to Make Boots From Your “Garage”©